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As the primary architect of Heartbeat’s current D&I strategy, Michelle has crafted a multifaceted, long-term plan for ensuring that Heartbeat builds a diverse talent pipeline while cultivating a work environment that’s inclusive of all races, gender identities, ages, religions, and sexual orientations.


With her continual focus on intentional recruitment, inclusive internal culture, and equitable career development, she’s already shattered many of the ad industry’s D&I benchmarks—and isn’t even close to stopping. Heartbeat has been named a Best Place to Work for 4 years running, with special attention nearly always given to the agency for their accomplishments in workplace inclusivity; and, as previously mentioned, the agency was also recognized as the MANNY Awards’ 2020 Diversity & Inclusion Champion.


While Diversity and Inclusion have long been part of Heartbeat’s DNA, the summer of 2020 demanded more urgent action. Michelle was integral to accelerating and solidifying Heartbeat’s goals for the next decade, and the agency’s Commitment Letter reflects, in many parts, the culmination of years of work on her behalf.


Michelle has paid particular attention to ensuring diverse Heartbeaters are given opportunities to grow, and her efforts are already showing in the agency’s career development data. In 2020, more than 50% of all promotions were earned by diverse employees, and Michelle has ramped up efforts to facilitate long-term growth, connecting employees of color with mentors, continuing education, advancement plans, and more. From Fall 2019 to Fall 2020, diversity at the Director level increased 9% and diversity at the Group Director level increased 11%; moreover, the agency’s 2020 VP-and-above promotions reflected a strong commitment to diversifying senior ranks, with 43% going to women of color, and 71% going to women overall.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

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